Stanley Tucci shares a throwback picture where he looks EXACTLY like Freddie Mercury

7 March 2022, 10:41

By Mayer Nissim

The hair! The vest! The moustache!

Stanley Tucci has been lighting up the stage and screen for 40 years as one of the finest actors of our time.

He isn't shy about wearing a fancy wig if a role demands (his turn as Caesar Flickerman in The Hunger Games movies is legendary), but despite always being able to inhabit a role, his everyday look of a bald head and light stubble is pretty recognisable.

But that wasn't always so, and in a throwback photo Stanley shared from his uni days, he looks very different, and very familiar all at the same time.

A shock of short, dark hair? Check. Bushy moustache? Check. White vest? Check.

Stanley Tucci at university was basically the spitting image of Freddie Mercury circa Live Aid.

"This is was just sent to me from a friend," Staney said.

C'est moi at university about 42 years ago. Ah, youth. Ah, hair."

A skim through the comments on Stanley's post-show that we're not the only ones who spotted the resemblance to the Queen frontman.

"Seems a pic from a Freddie Mercury's biopic", "Such Freddie Mercury vibes. 👏", "Freddy Mercury’s brother? 😮", "Very Freddy Mercury’esque !" and "Was it a Freddie Mercury convention?!" were just some of the comments from fans.

And the 166,000 likes (and counting) on the post are proof of just how dashing and iconic Stan's look was just before he kicked off his acting career.

If there's ever a Stanley Tucci biopic, perhaps Rami Malek can play the pre-fame star.